Your Guide to Manicure Options at the Nail Salon

When it comes to getting your nails done, you have quite a few choices once you get to the nail salon. Keep reading to learn the most common manicure options, how long they will last, and how they affect your nail health.


Basic Nail Polish

The type of nail polish used when you go to your favorite nail salon for a standard mani-pedi and select a color for your hands and toes. This type of mani will last you roughly a week if you take good care of your nails and is easy to remove with some nail polish remover.


How it affects your nails: There is no negative effect with basic polish. An application may even help to prevent your nails from splitting and breaking.


Shellac Manicure

Sometimes referred to as a gel mani, shellac is a hybrid of gel and nail polish that is cured and hardened with a UV light. It is applied like a regular polish but because of the gel element, it adds strength and durability to your nails. A Shellac manicure will last you up to three weeks without chipping.


How it affects your nails: If not removed properly there can be peeling or breakage. For stronger natural nails, be sure to take the time to properly remove the polish between nail salon visits.


Gel Nails

Gel nails can also be known as ‘hard gels,’ and can be applied over natural nails or fake nails. The difference between gel and shellac (soak-off gel) is that hard gels are not as porous meaning in order to be removed, they will need to be filed off. A hard gel manicure can last up to 3 weeks and increase the length of your nails.

How it affects your nails: If applied and removed properly, there shouldn’t be damage to your nails, but you may notice some peeling or weakness in the days after removal. Keep your nails hydrated with cuticle oil and they’ll be back to normal in no time.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the OG of nail extensions and have been around since the 1950s. Acrylic nails are a combination of a liquid and a powder that creates a hard layer over your natural nail and can also extend to create a false tip. The mixture hardens from exposure to air and creates a canvas for regular nail polish. Nails are filed into shape and polish is applied. Acrylic nails will last you two to three weeks and can be removed at home with acetone or you can visit the nail salon to have them removed or refilled.

How it affects your nails: If they are removed properly, there shouldn’t be too much damage to your nails. They may appear weaker because they have been filed down before the acrylic mixture was applied. You can use cuticle oil to keep nails hydrated after removal.


At the Style Bar, we offer a variety of manicure and pedicure services for you to choose from. View our nail services and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information!

2019’s Top 4 Hottest Hair Trends

From gray hues to pastels of every color, it’s no secret that women across the country are stepping up their hair game and trying new things. With the growing popularity of custom color and wigs, ladies everywhere are stepping outside of their comfort zones to try something fun and new! Go bold this year and try one of these fun and flirty hair trends that are sure to turn heads!

  1. Fantasy Colors – From pastel pinks to icy lavenders, celebrities are leading the way with hair color experimentation. Scared to commit to a color in the event that you hate how it turns out? Try a temporary color, or you can try colored hair extensions or wigs to get the look you desire. Pastel hair colors are perfect for a girls’ night out, bachelorette party, or even bridal showers!

  2. Back to Basics – Natural hair color trends are also making a comeback, but not in a way that you might expect. Just as blending is magic in the makeup world, the same is true for hair color. Colorists are getting more creative and fine tuning their hair color blending skills to deliver seamless, natural looking color that will leave you looking & feeling polished, classy and sophisticated.

  3. The Big Chop – Women and celebs across the globe are embarking on their own hair journeys, more and more ladies are trading in their long locks for short and spunky bobs. Not only are bobs a great way to get a fresh look, but they’re the perfect way to get rid of dead ends and start fresh with strong, healthy hair.

  4. Lady in Red – Bloggers everywhere are boasting about eye catching red copper hues that are set to be big in 2019. It’s no secret that redheads have always captivated the human eye, so why not give it a try yourself?! They say that blondes have more fun, but it’s the redheads that are sharing the spotlight in 2019.

If you’re ready to try something bold and new, give the professionals at The Style Bar a call today! Together, we’ll find a style that matches your personality and bring your hair dreams to life!

your 3 day festival hair forecast...

coachella is finally here . . .

to start off this year's festival season, we are going to show you how to make the most of your time with some easy to do, on-trend hairstyles.

day 1 - before you depart, get yourself a fabulous, blowout!

*ahem* click "book online" above and pick your location; greenbrae or petaluma.

make sure your stylist uses products that will give your style some staying power! our favorites are of course from our exclusif brand that we carry & use on our clients, Kerastase.

1. apply all throughout hair -forme fatale, a blow dry gel with memory to hold style

2. apply at roots - lift vertige, a root lift with strong hold to give volume

3. blow dry with a ceramic round brush, making sure to over direct at your roots, set in pins to cool and make sure the volume holds.

3. take down pins when cool and apply a pea-sized amount of - touche perfection, smooths ends and gives them body and hold

final result - a classic, gorgeous blow out that will bounce around with you through the crowds. guaranteed to turn some heads

The hair for the outfit, simple blow dry.The new blowout is all about big, bouncy volume. Start by blow-drying hair with a large barrel brush, set in loose pin curls for 10 minutes, then shake out until ends are wavy

day 2 - create beachy texture without the need of an iron

1. apply liberally all over on your dry hair before bedspray a porter, a non-sticky texture spray

2. take your hair in 4 sections and braid each one loosely, for different style waves you can take more sections and create many different size braids. secure at the end with a bobby pin or satin elastic hair tie. 

3. shake out the braids when you wake up on day 2, rake gently with your fingers or wide tooth comb, then spray with lacque dentelle all over and scrunch in to create more texture and give the style hold. 

final result - sexy, tousled waves. add a festive headpiece or some strategically placed bobby pins! 

Boho hair #summer #hair #festivalLow barrette / Flash Bobbi Set

day 3- a bohemian style updo to embrace your "3rd day texture"

1. spray powder bluff at roots to absorb oil, comb through with a wide tooth comb or soft boar bristle brush.

2. take a pea size amount of touche perfection and work through the hair to smooth and give it hold.

look #1 - tease at your crown slightly, section in two and make two fishtail braids. pull out the braids to make them fuller, cross over each other in the front and pin securely.

*tip - spraying your pins with dry shampoo or hairspray makes them stay better

A modern twist on a classic braid: crown-fishtail updo (8makeup)Fishtail crown  #makeityourown #stellaandjamie #giveaway

look #2 - bring your favorite floppy hat, create a big messy side braid of your choice & rock it!

*tip -the hat disguises your roots on the 3rd day of your blowout

Fishtailmessy side braid + hat // one adorable casual summer look

& there you have it!

so many different looks with minimal time needed on styling  &  more time to spend dancing the days away this summer!

click HERE to book your "bon voyage" blowout with us and we will make sure to see you off with great hair!


stephanie at style

Something In Between...

Some styles for our lovely ladie's with that "in-between" length...

Are you growing out a bob haircut or did you just lob of some inches of your long locks after the summer months ravaged your ends? Don't worry you can still work plenty of these awesome looks with a medium length haircut.

cos-05-miranda-kerr-hair-de-mdnClassic "Twist & Shout" - the nice thing about a mid length cut with layers is you can always get some nice volume in your style. This length is classic & chic, but still long enough to play with and create different looks. "Boho Waves" - this shaggy, layered cut is very popular right now, looks great with textured waves. Love it with bangs or a messy side part!

1Braid Styles - make two small "heidi" style braids & fold into each other across the top of your head, pin in place and pull some pieces out around your face. It help to use a texturizing spray when drying to give it a messy, full look.

The "Naughty" Knot Bun - effortless style, a messy but pretty way to pull your hair back and out of your face. Make sure to tease at the crown for a more "put together" look. A perfect first date hairstyle, sexy but in a subtle way as if you just tossed it up & ran out the door ;)

from us here at the Style Bar, we hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3

Best of Summer Hairstyles!


It's hard to believe that Summer 2013 is coming to an end, but before we get too excited about fall and the ever evolving styles to come, we feel we need to celebrate some of our favorite summer hairstyles.  


The Fishtail Braid - perfect for a day by the pool or a quick hairstyle on the second day of your blowout.

The High Bun - whether it's a messy top knot, or a slick back ponytail stuffed with a sock, it's a great look that keeps that hair of your neck on a hot day.

Beachy Waves - effortless, sexy waves. We're a sucker for anything "boho-chic" and beachy waves hold a special place in our hearts.

Check out some of our favorite looks in the gallery above!