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Prom Hairstyles & Updos

The Style Bar prides itself on staying on top of the industry’s latest hairstyles and trends. When it comes time to get ready for prom, choose a salon that will give you a style that will leave a lasting impression! Whether your hair is long or short, there’s a hairstyle to match your personality! When it comes to prom updos, the options are limitless. Want to try a longer style, but don’t have the length? Try out our hair extensions! With the addition of hair extensions, we can add volume, length, or both, and we can take your prom updo to the next level!


5 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles & Updos to Try



1. Beach Waves - One of the most versatile styles, beach waves are a perfect look for any hair length! Beach waves are the perfect style that gives you an effortless look, with elegant glam to last the night.



2. Braids, Braids, Braids – Another versatile style, you can incorporate braids into almost any updo. From fishtail braids, to French braids, braids are sure to add a sense of creativity to your prom style.





3. Messy Low Bun – Typically styled with longer hair, the messy low bun can take on many different looks. You can incorporate curls, braids, or other hair accessories into your low bun that showcases your unique style.





4. French Twist – This classic style is another universal hairstyle. A French twist works with both shorter or longer hair, and can be tweaked to fit your style. Your style is guaranteed to stay in place while you dance the night away!





5. Upside Down Braid to Bun – Unique and fashion forward, the upside-down braid to bun updo is sure to turn heads! This style does require a good amount of hair length in order to achieve this look, so if you’re currently rocking a short style, consider adding hair extensions in order to get this look.




6. Bonus: Accessories! – Hair accessories are the best way to have fun and add personality to your style. Try incorporating flowers, braids, decorative barrettes, flower crowns, bobby pins, headbands, or any other accessory to your hair for a pop of flare!


To try one of these styles out for yourself, call the trusted hair professionals at The Style Bar today! We’ll make your hair dreams a reality in no time!